About Us

baby car seats

I am a mom of 2 who has seen my kids outgrow clothes, shoes, but also many gear and equipment that I wish I could have had only temporarily.

Why Rent?


It makes so much sense to rent the gear that your child will only need for a while 


As parents, we care about the environment our children will grow up to and this is a nice way to do a bit for the environment while saving money!

Travel light!


How crazy it is to travel with our little ones through airports while carrying luggages and strollers and carseats?! 

Stork's Closet can help you enjoy an easy travel providing families with an assortment of clean, quality baby equipment.

If your family members are visiting and you would like to rent extra carseats or a stroller for a few days...or you need a baby crib for the visiting baby, Stork's Closet can deliver it all at your home or hotel in Singapore!